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When it comes to online businesses, there are two primary ways to make money: selling products and advertising. With the latter, you can either sell your own ads or purchase advertising space from an ad network. In either case, you need to be able to attract customers to your site in order to make any money at all. And that’s where the domain name comes into play.

What Is A .Com Domain Name?

A .com domain is one of the most recognizable forms of Internet address. They’re easy to remember, and they’re extremely common. You’ll often find them on sites like Google and Yahoo. If you go to Google, for example, and type in “Google” into the search box, you’ll see that Google has several dot com domains associated with their name. This means that if you were to create a website called Google, you’d want to get a domain name that is as similar to “Google” as possible.

You can purchase .com domain names from companies such as GoDaddy or my premium .com website, bucketofdomains.com The most popular are Yahoo and Google, so if you want to try and get a .com domain name, these are the ones to go with. The price is relatively low, and you can even register more than one domain with the same company (although it’s usually best not to).

So Why Should I Use A .Com Domain Name?

1. It’s familiar. There’s a lot of people out there who have heard of the term “dot com”, so you’re going to have a better chance of being recognized. This doesn’t mean that you need to use a dot com domain every time you start a new business, but it certainly helps.

2. It’s easier to remember. Since you already know what a dot com domain is, you’ll find it easier to remember. You may also find yourself saying things like “I need to buy a.com domain” rather than having to explain what it is.

3. It’s easier to remember when using a keyword. For instance, if you were to create a blog about a particular hobby or interest, you could easily get a domain name based around it. If you had a blog called “Cards Against Humanity”, for example, you could easily find a dot com domain name that was related to the name of the site.

4. It makes your business seem more professional. It’s hard to argue with this point. When you register a .com domain name, it immediately gives off the impression that your site is more professional and established than one that isn’t. This is especially true if you register multiple domains, as the dots will probably be present in your name.

5. It increases traffic. People tend to visit sites that have a .com domain name, so if you can get a good one, you’ll increase your potential customer base.

6. It makes it easier for people to remember your site. It may sound silly, but people do remember addresses and other information in the same way. As a result, you may find that your site becomes easier to remember when you use a .com domain name.

7. It increases your page rank. Your page rank is determined by a number of factors, including the number of links pointing to your site, the quality of those links, and the overall popularity of your site. A .com domain name is almost always going to help you with this last factor, since it gives your site more recognition.

8. It increases the amount of money you can make. You’ll obviously have more opportunities to make money if you have a .com domain name. After all, if you can get someone to visit your site, you can potentially make money from advertising.

9. It improves your credibility. One of the most important things you can do to improve your credibility is to build a solid reputation. A .com domain name helps you do this, since it’s one of the most recognized forms of Internet address.

10. It can help you build a brand. If you have a .com domain, it can help you build a brand around that domain. This means that if you have a blog, you can use the domain to promote future products or services.

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